Saturday, March 29, 2014

Steve Garvey Autograph Signing Recap

Well I just got back from the Steve Garvey autograph signing at Hamer Toyota in Mission Hills & let's just say it went great. I arrived at Hamer Toyota a little before 11 ( the time Garvey was scheduled to sign). There were about 100 people ahead of me, but I knew I'd get my autograph. I went with my father & brother, so we were going to get a total of 3 autographs from Steve.

We went inside the dealership & got these tickets for the line, I ofcourse ended up losing mine sometime after I got out of line. It was a great event, they even were giving out free sodas & hot dogs. Then they had a special guest:
For those of you who don't know, that is Roger Owens, or better known as the legendary Dodger peanut guy. Roger is a really cool guy & pretty hilarious as well. I ended up talking to Roger after I got Steve's autograph, but I'll talk more about that later. My father then joined in on a peanut throwing contest with Roger, & what was on the line ? Some cash & a pair of opening day tickets to the Dodgers game sponsored by AM570 radio. Well after all was said & done, We're going to opening day :) After that the line was starting to move as Steve started signing. We got up to Steve at about 11:45 & here's what we got signed:
My little brother isn't quite into autograph collecting yet so he always helps me out with an extra auto, especially at events like this where they only allow one per person. He ended up getting Steve to sign a mini bat that was previously signed by Fernando Valenzuela as well. Next it was my turn:
I've noticed that some people have gotten a ball signed by the Dodgers record setting infield on the four corners of the sweet spot, so I decided to try out that project. I noticed that Steve only had a 
black pen & a blue sharpie with him, but luckily I always take some extra supplies. I popped out a blue pen & it didn't write extremely clean, but still a nice auto. Next up is my father: 
He got this nice photo of Steve & Tommy Lasorda signed. He isn't too much into autograph collecting, but I can see he is starting to warm up to the hobby. The photo was for me, since he's not full on into autographs & Steve inscribed "Tough Loss" after my father asked him if he & Tommy were mad at each other. Well anyways, Steve left a few minutes after we were out of line & we stuck around for a bit enjoying the event. AM570 was raffling off some shirts & DVD's. However, most people stayed since they were going to raffle off another pair of opening day tickets. That would make it the third pair of the day!! Well after a bit we went of to talk to Roger the peanut guy. While getting Steve's autograph again was great, I have to say this next one by far is definetly the most unique one I have in my collection : 
A signed peanut bag by Roger himself !! Now I definetly remember Roger since I was about five years old. I remember going to the games & him tossing out peanuts with all his crazy throws & this autograph is definetly one that will be treasured in my collection. Roger was great to talk to & he's been with the Dodgers for 56 years!! He said he's been there since the stadium opened, now that is truly unbelievable. After a while we decided to leave & it was a great experience. It was a greatly organized event & we have to thank the guys at Hamer Toyota for putting together this awesome event. That's what I have for this recap & once again to you all, Thank you for reading.

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