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Monday, March 24, 2014

Dodgers Fan Fest Recap

Well yesterday I showed off the items I got during the mystery bags. Today I will be showing the items I got during the autograph sessions. Going into fan fest I only had tickets for the Kenley Jansen & Bobby Castillo session, the Paco Rodriguez & Bill Russell signing, as well as the Ron Cey & Matt Magill signing. I arrived early in hopes of purchasing some tickets there at the event as I heard they would have a minimum amount for sale. Well all I can say is I got lucky. When I got to the ticket booth I lucked out & was able to purchase the last available ticket for the Ryu & Ned Colletti session. I was also able to pick up a ticket for the Don Mattingly & Charlie Steiner session. Overall I found myself extremely lucky to have been able to pick up tickets for two of my main goals of the day (Mattingly & Ryu). Well after that I went over to make line for the first ticket I had, Paco Rodriguez & Bill Russell. The line was fairly short as I expected & I was up to the front in a matter of no time.

Well here's the two items I got signed by them. I had been debating whether to have Paco sign a baseball or a photo & well I went with a photo. Big mistake :( I had not paid attention that paco went with a blue marker instead of silver & as a result you can hardly see the signature off to the right. Well things happen. But before him I had Bill Russell sign my team bat that I'm working on, as I'm trying to get as many players from the 1981 World Series team as I can on it. After that the next signing I had tickets for was the Ryu & Ned Colletti session.
I had no doubt that I wanted to get Ryu on a baseball so I decided to roll with that. With Colletti I didn't really want to use a brand new baseball on him but I still wanted his autograph, so I used a ball I had gotten during batting practice at a game a few years back. The next session time I had two different tickets for. I had tickets for the Ron Cey signing & for the Don Mattingly. Well it's a great thing my girlfriend was with me. I had hopped in line for the Ron Cey one & I gave my girlfriend a baseball & the ticket for Mattingly's line. I asked her to ask Mattingly if he would do an inscription, which they weren't supposed to do, but I knew she had better luck of obtaining one than I did.

First these are the items I got signed in my line. I had Matt Magill sign a photo for me & I had Ron Cey sign my team bat. This line took a little bit longer then expected mainly because Ron Cey ran some minutes late, but I still loved the autographs. As for how the line went for my girlfriend:

She got the ball signed with the inscription I wanted !! :) That definetly made this ball my favorite piece of the day. She also got one of the Dodger post cards they had available if you didn't have anything for the person to sign, so she got it autographed by Charlie Steiner. That was the second postcard I got that day as my father had gotten a ticket for the Fernando Valenzuela signing & had gotten a postcard from Drew Butera. Well after this signing I only had the Kenley Jansen ticket left & that was in a couple of hours. Me & my girlfriend walked around a bit & enjoyed the event. We killed those few hours & then I was in line for the final signing of the day. While I was standing in line my father called out to me saying that #7 from the Dodgers was signing autographs for fans behind the autograph booths. I knew that it
was Alex Guerrero signing but I only had one baseball left. Thankfully we saw one guy there who we've seen at previous signings who sells merchandise. We got a ball from him & well:

Great!!! I was able to pick up this ball signed by Guerrero. The signature didn't come out as clean as some of the ones he signed during his session, but I was still able to add this nice signature to the collection. While they got this signature for me, I was still in line for the Kenley Jansen signing & we had been informed that Bobby Castillo couldn't make it due to an illness & Rick Monday would be taking his place. Well I didn't mind at all since I could still use Rick's signature on my bat.

This here is the ball I got signed my Kenley. This is a ball I had been wanting to add as Kenley is my
favorite pitcher from the Dodgers. I prefer him over any other bullpen guy we have, even over Brian Wilson. Especially over the likes of Brandon League, ehhh. The signature of Rick Monday on my bat can be found right next to Ron Cey's in the photo posted earlier. After all was said & done I left Fan Fest a happy camper!! I'm already looking forward to next year's & hopefully I can get season tickets & get a shot at Puig or McGwire before they sell out, assuming their still with the team. Unless I get them at some point throughout this season. Well anyways, that's my recap from Fan Fest & I hope you liked it & once again thank you for reading.

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