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Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Topps Opening Day

 Well I just got back from target and picked up some packs of Topps opening day. I bought one jumbo pack & 2 regular retails. What I was hoping to pull was some mascot cards, I think it's pretty cool that topps incorporates them into the product. Well here we go with what came out:

Well this is the closest I got to a mascot card. On to the next:

I like these blue border cards. I prefer these over the red target borders, but I wish they would've been of some Dodgers. Next are the cards that I think were the best pulls:

These opening day stars are real nice inserts. The kershaw obviously is my favorite one. As you can tell with the kershaw card these have a 3D effect that make them really stand out.
And of course here's the stack of base cards. I thought thought this was a pretty decent pack of cards with the kershaw card being the highlight of it. All the other cards are up for grabs, & once again Thanks for reading.

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