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Friday, March 28, 2014

Ball of the Day

Well today I decided to post up this ball for a reason. The last time I went to a Dodger game was last year when they played the Yankees. That game I didn't go prepared with supplies for autographs & just had a few batting practice balls in the car. Well that was better then nothing. And well it paid off taking the balls anyways as I was able to come away with a Mariano Rivera signature . It would've been better if I would've taken a brand new ball, but I'm still pleased that I was able to get his autograph.

Today even though it's just an exhibition game, I will be there at the game. I will definitely be prepared with some supplies & hopefully I can have some same luck as last time. Be sure to stay tuned as I will have a recap of that tomorrow.

I will also be posting up the contest results in a few minutes & will be randomizing the list twice & the person on top of the list will be the winner. Thank you for reading & good luck to those in the contest.


  1. Nice pickup.
    I couldnt go to the game due to work and I heard he signed for like 20 minutes

    1. Thank you. And yeah he did, it was a rush, you had people just polling on one another trying to get up to him.