Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dodgers Fan Fest Mystery Items

Well it's a pretty late post compared to when fan fest occurred, but considering I haven't had my blog running for too long, today I will show off the items I pulled from the mystery bags they were selling that day. They had 3 different kinds of bags. First they had autographed jerseys which cost $40, then they had autographed baseballs which cost $20 & finally they had autographed photos which were either $10 or $15, I don't quite remember that one. Well anyways, I was stoked for fan fest as I hadn't attended the year before & I decided to buy one jersey & one baseball mystery bag. This was my pull from the jersey mystery bag:
This is what I saw first & I immediately knew it wouldn't be Zack Grienke for the price that I paid. I then thought maybe a Milton Bradley, a slight chance of Jay Johnstone ?
Well it was Juan Rivera. Not the greatest pull, but considering the price it's not too bad.
It also came with MLB certification so that was a plus. Next is the autographed baseball. From what I was hearing, the pulls from the baseball bags weren't going too great. I heard people complaining because they were signed in black, they never had heard of the player & so on. Well when I saw who I got I was pretty pleased.
It was Rafael Furcal & it was signed in blue. Furcal gave us a few good years here in LA & he is a former Rookie of the Year, so I couldn't be more pleased with who I got. It also came with a certificate of authenticity from the Dodgers, but I have misplaced that so I couldn't show it. These were my pulls from the mystery bags & I'm actively trying to trade the Juan Rivera jersey so if anyone is interested be sure to let me know. I will also be showing the items I got during the autograph sessions & that will most likely be tomorrow. Thank you for reading.


  1. Nice grabs
    I was too concentrated on autograph collecting I missed out on the mystery jersey bags

  2. Thank you. And I totally get you, I grabbed mine as soon as it started & I heard they sold out pretty quick on those.