Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fernando Valenzuela Autographed Baseball

Well here's a new ball popping up in a post. This one here is of former Dodgers pitcher Fernando Valenzuela. This ball here was obtained a few months back at one of the Dodgers Holiday Mall tour signings. With the help of my father & my brother, I was able to get a couple of other items signed as well, which I will be showing in future posts. From what I remember there were quite a few people who attended the signing & by the time I finished getting my items signed there were by estimate 200 people still left in line. Walking away I felt very fortunate to have gotten my ball signed & it was another great autograph to add to the collection.

I would provide more details about the signing, but for now this is all I can remember from that day. However, my advice is if you ever attend one of these signings for him is to get there early !! If you don't get there early then you might be walking away with out an autograph, as there is a large turn out of people. Hope you enjoyed the post & thank you for reading.

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