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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ball of the day

Here we are. Today's autographed ball is one I received as a gift from my girlfriend this past Christmas. She knew I was trying to get as many Dodger autographs as I could so she went out & got me this Matt Kemp ball, I love it. I'm hoping to have a ball signed by every single one of the Dodgers better known players by the end of the season, so this is one less I have to worry about getting. I'm glad to know she also listens to all the things I blabber on about as she even made sure it was certified by Psa.

There we are, the Psa certification sticker. Of the 4 major outfielders the Dodgers have I have 2 of them on baseballs so I'm almost there. Another great autograph that's a part of the collection. I look forward to adding more & Thank you for reading.

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