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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frank Howard Autographed Baseball

A while back I had noticed that my local card shop had a pretty good sale going on online. I was browsing through seeing what they had & I noticed this Frank Howard autographed ball at an amazing price, so it was a must get. It was also a plus that it had the 1960 rookie of the year inscription, as I absolutely love inscriptions. I called up the store to double check it was in stock & sure enough it was, so I made my way over & obtained this awesome ball of the former Dodger slugger. Overall, it was another great pick up & great addition to the collection. Thanks for reading.


  1. As a Hondo fan and old Senators fan (plus the current Nats fan) I am green. Nice pick-up.

  2. Thank you, I thought it was a great pick up as well. And thank you as well for readings posts & leaving comments.