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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cards of the Day

Well today I'm going to show off a couple of cards that I pulled from last years baseball products. The first card I pulled here is a mini game used card of Ian Kennedy. I pulled it from a Topps series 1 hanger box last year & overall I find it to be a good looking card. It is numbered 17/25 & it covers two of my main goals in card collecting, which #1 it is a game used jersey card & #2 it is a mini card. If anyone ever has minis they're looking to get rid of, I would definetly be interested, so be sure to let me know. Getting back to the card, I suppose the only downfall is it is a D-Back card, but anyways still a good part of the collection.

The second card I will be showing here is a work out jersey card of Dustin Pedroia from the 2013 A.S game. This here is another great looking card & it was pulled from a Topps update series rack pack. This one here had led me to wanting to collect the entire set of the 2013 A.S. game used cards, & well let's just say I didn't stay very dedicated to that goal. Anyways, these two cards were very exciting to pull. It's always fun to pull a hit from retail as it's unexpected, rather than hobby boxes where you're already expecting a hit. Don't get me wrong I love purchasing hobby boxes too, but in my opinion I find this more exciting. I'm looking forward to hopefully a couple more hits this year & hopefully some nice Dodger ones. That's what I have for this post & thank you for reading.

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