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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Greg Townsend Autograph Signing

Yesterday March 8, 2014 the Raiders All-Time sack leader Greg Townsend made an appearance at the Raider Image store at Universal Studios City Walk. Greg was scheduled to sign from 4-8 and with it being pretty close to home and me being a big time Raider fan, I had to go. I called the store around 11:15 to confirm the signing & asked how it would be run. They informed me that Greg would be selling his own items & if you purchased an item from him he would sign it, or if you purchased something from the store then Greg would sign anything you had for him. With that being said  I waited around a bit for the time to come around & then I grabbed one of my footballs & headed out to the signing.

I arrived to city walk around 5 o'clock or so & made my way over to the store. Walking in the first thing I noticed was Greg sitting behind his table with all his merchandise laid out. His prices were  fairly reasonable. They ranged 15-20 dollars for a photo & 60 dollars for a jersey. Considering that the price covered the item & the signature, I thought it was a pretty good price. I walked around the store for a bit looking for something to buy. I found a pretty nice T-shirt and decided to roll with that. There were just two people in line before me so I waited for my turn to make my purchase & get my football signed. While I was in line there were people coming in requesting to take a photo with Greg & he said yes at the price of 5 dollars. I have heard of athletes charging for a photo-op before, but this was my first time experiencing it in person.

The few people ahead of me finally made their way out & now it was my turn. Greg was really friendly & great to talk to. I handed him my football & I noticed he was going to sign it in black sharpie & I quickly asked him if he could sign it in silver. He froze for a bit but agreed to sign it in silver. I asked him if he would do an inscription & he said sure for 10 bucks. I agreed & asked him to inscribe Raiders All-Time sack leader & he did. He abbreviated it with "R.A.T.S." & added 109.5 which is the total amount of career sacks he had, all coming with the Raiders except for 2. Greg then handed me my football & I handed him another 5 bucks for a photo with him. We took the photo pictured below & I thanked Greg for his time & he thanked me for coming out. Once again Greg was super friendly & it was a great day & great signing at the Raider Image store.

Here below is a close up of my signed football with the "R.A.T.S. 109.5" inscription, which I personally think came out great. Hope you enjoyed the post & Thank you for reading.

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