Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Autograph Recap.

This past weekend had some great opportunities for autographs & I decided to take advantage this time around. First off I had planned to go down to Rancho Cucamonga to watch the Quakes play friday night, with the hopes of getting some great prospect autos & watch Kershaw pitch, & not to mention the Brian Wilson bobblehead, but things didn't go as planned so I had to skip that. Well I still had two days left of my free weekend.

Saturday the 26th, well this day I decided to attend two paid signings. Other than fan fest I have never paid for an in person autograph, so this was a first for me. The first one I attended was at the Optometry office of Alex Liu. Former Dodger Paul Lo Duca was scheduled to sign from 10-11 & for a flat price of $20 per item. I arrived there around 9:45 & there were only about 20-30 people in line. I figured the line would go pretty quick once Paul started signing. Paul started signing around 10 or 15 past 10 & sure enough it moved quickly. Once inside it was great to me Paul since I grew up watching him play for the Dodgers & I had him sign my 2006 All star ball:

Well with the first autograph signing of the day done, I decided to head out to Whittier for the second signing of the day. The second signing featured Dee "Flash" Gordon at Harry's Dugout. I arrived right at the scheduled starting time of 11. I was not prepared for what I saw. The line was between 150-200 people long. Damn it I thought !!! Well I had my little brother make line for me as I went inside to purchase my ticket. We had already made the drive out here so we might as well have waited to see the out some. Well it was about 20 minutes into the signing & we had only moved about 10 feet. However, patience paid off. Right after that the line started moving at a quick pace. At about 11:40 we were into the store at about 11:45 & I was stoked how quick & efficient the signing went. Once I got up to the front we were able to get a quick pic of Dee signing my photo.
Here is the final outcome of my 11x14 photo:
It was a great signing & experience at both events. It was great for Dr. Liu bringing out a former Dodger that I grew up watching & for Harry's Dugout bringing out Dee who's off to an amazing start this season. I will definetly be back at some point to these places for future signings after these great experiences.

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