Thursday, April 10, 2014

Autographed Ball of the Day

Here we are, another baseball that is currently in my collection. This ball here I got autographed by Carl Crawford during an autograph signing he did at a Sony store last year. I had found out about this signing the night before & I was out of new baseballs. Well I wasn't going to pass up on getting Carl's autograph so I just took one of the better looking batting practice balls I had.

I believe the signing was at 11 o'clock or so & I had arrived at the mall it was going to be held out at about 8 o'clock. I remember Carl only signed for an hour & I had gotten my ball signed with about 10 minutes left of that hour. It was great to get Carl's autograph & it helped towards my goal of getting an individual ball signed by each of the Dodgers main players. Out of the outfielders I only need Ethier & Puig, of course Puig will be the harder to get of the two. But I still believe I will complete my goal by the end of the season. Once again thank you for reading.

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