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Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Bowman 4 Box Break

It's been a while since I've posted & here I am with something new. About a week ago I entered a 4 box break for the 2014 Bowman set & just received my cards yesterday. Normally I'd go for the Dodgers, but I decided I'd try something new. So what did I do ? I went with the Seattle Mariners. The break didn't contain a big hit for me but I still got a good amount of cards, for what the break cost me.

I got a fair amount of base cards including a few duplicates. I'd like to think I got the entire Mariners set, but I'm too lazy to actually go look at the checklist, so I'll just tell myself I did.

These next two are base cards as well, but this player is the main reason I decided to roll with the Mariners. I was hoping to get an auto of Taijuan Walker, but that didn't happen especially since the breaker said a blue refractor auto of him was pulled the night before from the same case. If I only knew. Sighh.

I also got a few of the prospect chrome cards, but nothing too good.

These next three cards will actually be the better pulls from the break. First is this mini refractor of Chris Taylor. I love getting minis so I was pretty happy to pull one from the break.

Next I was able to get one of these cool looking inserts of the hometown & state parallels of Abraham Almonte. Not necessarily too great, but still a cool card. Next would be the best card I pulled.

The last pull from the break & it came on the last pack, is this blue paper card of Hisashi Iwakuma. It is #'d 110/500. Definetly the best card in my opinion. Well that about wraps up the pulls from my first break of any kind for me. I really enjoyed the experience from this break & will definetly plan to enter a few more in the near future. Once again thank you for reading.

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